Rebecca Longshaw

Tell us about yourself

I read Geography at The University of St Andrews, before doing the GDL and LPC at BPP. I was fairly sure that I wanted to be a solicitor when I took my GCSEs and subsequent work experience and research confirmed this to me. However, I chose to study Geography before converting to Law as I have always loved the subject and was sure that, being such a broad discipline ranging from physical science to more economic and political studies, Geography would stand me in good stead for a career in the law.

What has the training experience been like so far?

I am really enjoying the training experience at BDB so far. I’m sitting in the Private Wealth department where I have been given real responsibility (with plenty of reassuring supervision!), had lots of client interaction and learnt a huge amount. For example, I have drafted Wills and trust deeds and visited a client at her home to execute her Will and take instructions.

How would you describe BDB?

I have found BDB to be incredibly welcoming, friendly and supportive. I am pleased that I am training here and would really recommend it as a great place to train and work.

How much responsibility have you been given?

I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of responsibility that I have been given so far, especially in comparison to friends training at other London firms. I have drafted several Wills and trust documents, including Deeds of Appointment, and am running two probate files. Although I enjoying having responsibility, I am also very reassured knowing that my work is carefully checked by a Partner or Senior Associate before being sent out to clients.

What are the main things you would advise a potential trainee?

Always carry a notebook and pen, show willingness to learn and take on as great a variety of work as possible.

What is the most important piece of advice you have been given and how has it helped you?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions – everyone was a beginner once.

Why did you choose to train at BDB?

BDB’s reputation for Private Wealth and Real Estate work first drew me to the firm. On further research and after meeting BDB employees at the assessment days, I was very impressed by the firm’s friendly and welcoming culture. All of the existing trainees that I talked to spoke very highly of the firm and I was confident that it would be a great place to train.

What training and support have you received?

During the induction week there was lots of training on the ‘basics’ of life at BDB, for example how to use the IT system, how the knowledge resources can be accessed and (vitally) how the coffee machine works. Since I’ve been in my first seat I have had lots of seat-specific training. These more specific sessions are really helpful in allowing me to learn more about the finer details of the work I’m doing from real experts in the field. It is different to the abstract learning of the LPC and rewarding to see real-life law in action.

The support that I’ve received has been excellent. I have a very kind and helpful supervisor who fields my many questions. BDB also have a ‘buddy’ system, whereby a solicitor in the department and I have been linked up. My buddy has been so welcoming and helpful since I started at the firm, taking me out to lunch and pointing me in the right direction with work that initially seemed daunting.

What has been the best thing about training with BDB?

So far, the best thing has been the amazingly welcoming and friendly culture. I feel like a valued member of the team and get to do some really interesting work.

What sets BDB apart from other firms?

The level of responsibility which trainees seem to be allowed, in addition to the culture. BDB is not at all stuffy or old fashioned!