Probate and Estate Administration

The death of a loved one can bring overwhelming and unnecessary legal stress. During such difficult times our team are here to guide you and help relieve the burden.

Winding up the estate can appear somewhat daunting, particularly if not encountered before. Problems can arise if the estate administration is not handled properly, and in a sensitive and timely way.

Our specialist probate team have significant expertise in dealing with both UK and international estates of all sizes and complexity, including those with business interests, family companies, valuable chattels, and agricultural and heritage property. Our team can provide all the guidance and support needed at this stressful time to ensure the estate is administered in the most efficient and tax-effective manner possible.

Aspects we can advise on include

  • Acceptance of assets in lieu of inheritance tax
  • Claims for inheritance tax exemptions and reliefs for business, agricultural and heritage property
  • Completion of the inheritance tax account and calculation of inheritance tax
  • Insurance policy trusts that mature on death
  • International estates containing assets in multiple jurisdictions and involving cross-border tax issues
  • Interpretation of the will and devolution of the estate
  • Intestate estates
  • Jointly owned property
  • Management of the estate administration
  • Post-death rearrangements and tax planning, Deeds of Variation and the transferable inheritance tax allowance
  • Preparation of estate income tax and capital gains tax returns and estate accounts
  • Re-sealing Colonial Grants and applications for an English grant of administration of foreign wills
  • Rights of the beneficiaries
  • The role of an executor and administrator and duties, powers and liabilities
  • We act for individual and professional executors and administrators as well as beneficiaries (both individuals and charities). Our team members are frequently appointed as executors and trustees, thereby offering the family a professionally dispassionate view where appropriate

We can undertake the entire day to day administration of the estate as well as giving specialist advice or limit our involvement to specific areas. We are happy to discuss with you on a no obligation basis how we may best assist you on your matter.