Wills, Tax, Trusts and Estate Planning

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Wills, Tax, Trusts and Estate Planning

Wealth preservation and tax planning can be affected by a range of issues if not proactively reviewed.

We understand that every family differs, economic cycles change and the risks associated will vary. However, our clients’ priority remains the same: growing and protecting their wealth. Our goal is to help you achieve yours, to preserve your wealth for you and your family.

We will work with you to discuss your concerns and what you want to achieve, finding a solution that fits your particular circumstance. We will guide you through the process of putting in place everything that you need.

Are you a trustee?

For the trustees of existing trusts, we have a dedicated trust management team who can steer you through the running of your trust, deal with all of the administration for you or handle your trust’s tax compliance.

Being a trustee is not an easy job, and we can advise you about your role, from your fundamental responsibilities as a trustee to dealing with requests from beneficiaries, from the investment of trust money to making decisions about giving money to beneficiaries.

What may result in a significant tax bill or provide the opportunity for tax saving?

  • Adding to a trust
  • Buying a property
  • Death benefits (e.g. from pension schemes or “death in service benefit” schemes)
  • Gift or sale of a business or part of a business
  • Gift or sale of any asset which has gone up in value, especially property
  • Having significant assets or income that you do not need
  • Life assurance policies
  • Making a Will
  • Setting up a trust
  • When a trust comes to an end
  • When assets are to be given to the beneficiaries of a trust
  • Where you are the beneficiary of a trust
  • Where you have received an inheritance within the last two years

The Statutory Test For Individual Tax Residence – A Brief Guide

The Statutory Test For Individual Tax Residence - A Brief Guide

“Bircham Dyson Bell is ‘one of the top London firms, and has developed its non-contentious and contentious practices in a holistic way’. The team is particularly valued for its experience in multi-jurisdictional succession issues, and also for expertise in complex Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act issues.” Legal 500 UK 2013