Energy Infrastructure

Low energy reserves and an increased pressure on the sector to secure sustainable energy sources has resulted in a surge of infrastructure projects in the sector.

We advise on a wide range of energy infrastructure, including:

  • Electricity generating stations: nuclear powered, gas-fired, coal and biomass stations
  • Extraction of shale gas
  • Gas pipelines
  • Gas storage
  • LNG storage facilities
  • On-shore and off-shore wind farms
  • Overhead transmission and distribution lines
  • Related carbon capture and storage issues

When it comes to authorising new energy infrastructure, our expertise includes advising on:

  • A sound stakeholder and public consultation programme and media relations
  • Environmental constraints including strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and habitats regulations assessment
  • Freedom of Information issues
  • Judicial review and statutory challenge in the courts
  • Land and property issues including options, conditional contracts and easements in respect of necessary land and infrastructure; and compulsory purchase and compensation
  • Public policy and affairs issues, such as working with central government and Parliament
  • The process for securing development consent orders (DCOs) including national policy statements, pre-application consultation; the drafting of the DCO; the application documents; the preliminary meeting and subsequent examination; and Special Parliamentary Procedure when it applies to DCOs
  • Where projects fall below certain thresholds, the process for obtaining planning and other permissions