Working with Designers

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with designers. Whether you are an up and coming designer who needs guidance on starting up and growing your business, an international designer who needs advice on setting up a business in the UK, or a more established name that has a specific legal issue that needs to be dealt with, there is a member of our design team who has the understanding and skills to assist you.

We can offer advice and answer questions such as:

  • How do I stop competitors from launching copycat products?
  • How do I register my trade marks and protect my brand?
  • Can I display my work without the risk of it being copied?
  • Can I send flyers out to my list of contacts advertising upcoming events?
  • What are my responsibilities if I employ an intern or assistant?
  • Do I need a written agreement  if I use a consultant’s services?

One of the key concerns for many designers is being able to understand and protect the Intellectual Property Rights in their original designs and ideas. This knowledge is vital in an increasingly competitive market where getting the IP side of things right can be the difference between commercial success and failure.