Marriage, civil partnerships and nuptial agreements

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Committing to a marriage or civil partnership can be both an exciting and important time to understand your legal rights.

Every situation is unique, and should there be a dispute we’re here to help you avoid costly battles. As members of Resolution, we will always encourage approaching discussions in the least confrontational way.


  • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreement – A pre or post-nuptial agreement documents you and your partners intentions, and how you will arrange your finances and divide your assets should the marriage end. Although not legally bound a court will place weight on whether a nuptial agreement is in place, and whether decisions were made in the event of separation.
  • Divorce and separation – We understand the stress and pain a divorce or separation can place on a family. Our team are here to guide you through the proceedings and ensure you are well protected. We provide objective advice with specialist experience tackling family businesses, child welfare, family trusts, property and international divorce.

Civil partnership

  • Pre-civil and post-civil partnership agreement – Pre-civil and post-civil partnership agreements mirror that of a pre-nuptial or post-nuptial. We can provide you with advice to help you and your partner outline your future together.
  • Same Sex Marriage – Same sex couples are now able to legally marry under English and Welsh law. Those currently within a civil partnership can convert that status into a marriage, and those wanting to change gender within a marriage will be able to do so. This will then offer the same legal rights as a married couple. It is important to note that under foreign law same sex couples will still be treated as civil partners, and vice versa for those travelling to England and Wales.
  • Separation and dissolution – Should your relationship breakdown we can help ease the stress and navigate you through the options available. Whether considering a separation order or, if your partnership has been over one year, a dissolution order. We can advise on how to protect you financially, and ensure any children are well cared for with the assistance of trained mediators.