Divorce and finances

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The financial consequences of a relationship ending can be both daunting and complicated.

Our team are here to guide you through the proceedings and ensure you are well protected. We will work closely with you to defend your interests whether through the courts; or where possible through alternative dispute resolution. As members of Resolution, we will always encourage approaching family matters in the least confrontational way.

  • Dividing your finances – We want to ensure you don’t have the added pressure of financial worries. Common areas misunderstood include:
    • Failing to identify debts
    • Taking the family home but then being unable to pay the mortgage
    • Finalising arrangements with a consent order
    • Splitting a pension pot rather than retirement income
    • Not making a Will

Dividing finances can seem overwhelming, but our experienced team are here to take you step-by-step through the options available. We will practically advise on any immediate financial concerns, maintenance and the division of assets.

  • Hidden assets – There are substantial consequences for attempting to hide assets or income. The courts are likely to not only penalise those involved, but request legal costs to be paid and offer a less favourable settlement. If you think your spouse may try to dispose of any assets then you need to act quickly and seek professional advice.
  • International divorce and finances – With laws differing from country to country offshore finances can pose a potentially tricky area. We regularly deal with assets based outside of England and Wales and advise you seek guidance as soon as possible to ensure your divorce takes place in a jurisdiction most beneficial to you.
  • Pensions – The involvement of pensions generally depends upon the age at which you divorce. In any situation it will be necessary to look at them within the overall context of your finances.
  • Protecting your business, property and trusts – Any business, trust or property should be considered within your financial settlement, however this can be a particularly complex area and it is important to seek legal guidance to understand what you are entitled to.