Children and adoption

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Whatever the circumstance caring for your child’s future will always be our priority.

You may be facing divorce; ending a civil partnership; entering a relationship as a step parent or separating with/without a cohabitation agreement. In any situation your children’s future arrangements should be cared for.

Our expert team are here to advise on the best options available to you.

  • Adoption – We can guide you through complex adoption laws, requirements and application. As well as the rights or relationship with the biological parents and their family.
  • Appointing a guardian – Should the need come to appoint a guardian following the death of one or both parents, we can provide sensitive practical advice on the appointment.
  • Contact with children – Any separation will be painful on a family and we will focus on maintaining stability and contact between you and your children.
  • Financial support and maintenance – Should your relationship end both parents have a financial obligation for any child they are named as parents for. Maintenance can then be sought to ensure your child’s education, health and wellbeing are protected.
  • Parental responsibility and paternal rights – To gain paternal rights a father must first have parental responsibility, through being named parent on the birth certificate; marriage to the mother; as adopted parent or via a signed paternal responsibility agreement. Without this you don’t always have the right to request contact. Our experienced team can help you gain parental responsibility to maintain the best interest of the child.
  • Wills and inheritance – With or without a Will, children have legal rights to inherit from both parents and their families. Guidance from a Will can divide assets as you wish.