Bank Lending and Borrowing

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Cash is the life blood of any business is a cliché, but it is true. At various times our clients will need to borrow money and we have experience in the full range of corporate borrowing and securitisation.

We advise borrowers and lenders on banking facilities, debt, securities and ad-hoc loan arrangements. Our team have experience of arranging security over assets of all kinds, and works closely with other practice groups such as real estate, to provide a comprehensive integrated service. We also have experience in enforcing debts, whether working with our litigation and dispute resolution team or supporting administrators or liquidators.

Lenders provide funds under what can be a bewildering variety of arrangements, whether revolving, fixed term or other facility agreements, ISDA documentation involving interest rate swaps, guarantees, performance bonds and standby letters of credit. We have worked on all these arrangements and we also advise on fixed and floating security over assets of all kinds, priority agreements, domestic loan stock issues including public trade issues together with bank and customer relationship problems.