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Energy and Utilities

Concerns about security of supply, the need for new infrastructure, rising prices and the energy demands of a growing population are such that energy issues regularly make headlines.

We have a market leading practice in the authorisation of infrastructure projects, with a particular specialism in development consent orders under the Planning Act 2008. Our expertise in this field is wide ranging and includes advising on infrastructure projects of many different kinds, including infrastructure for energy generation and transmission. We also advise on many other aspects of infrastructure provision including the acquisition of land, whether by compulsory powers or otherwise, commercial issues and the procurement process.

More broadly, we advise on major schemes in the energy, telecoms and water sectors as well as regulatory and environmental matters. We also have expertise in the many complexities of utility diversions and relocations, whether under the New Roads and Street Works Act, the London Permit Scheme and other permit schemes under the Traffic Management Act 2004 or under specific provisions such as orders under the Transport and Works Act 1992

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