Social Enterprise and Investment

We understand the opportunities and challenges faced by the social enterprise model.

Responding to this new and changing environment often requires a step change in how civil society organisations operate. We work with social impact businesses to enable them to be more strategic in their operations and business planning, from the early stages of formation, through scale up, roll out to maturity, and also at times when unforeseen circumstances need to be managed.

We help charities and philanthropists aiming to procure a social return where capital is deployed, to seek both positive social outcomes and financial returns. We help social enterprises navigate the legal and regulatory obstacles of this emerging market and satisfy the demands of funders when looking to raise finance in new ways such as social impact bonds.

As public bodies increasingly move away from grants to using contracts where services are commissioned or purchased, we can help organisations manage the often complex tax implications which may be involved.

To compete, it is often vitally important for organisations to work together and we have considerable experience in collaborative working ranging from formal mergers, contracting consortia to less formal associations.