Governance and Regulators

To give effective and efficient help, which has the greatest impact on your beneficiaries, charities require sound, bespoke structures and good governance.

We deal with every type of legal structure, constitution and the full spectrum of governance matters to help not-for-profit organisations to achieve their objectives.

Our advice incorporates practical assistance and solutions that is sensitive to your organisation’s culture and the mindset of the individuals involved.

Areas of expertise include

  • Advice on concerns particular to Royal Charter corporations
  • Advice on the drafting and operation of conflict of interest policies
  • Considerations relating to trustees, such as their terms of appointment, duties, remuneration, powers of delegation
  • Incorporation of unincorporated bodies
  • Interpretation of constitutions and advice on the effect of particular provisions
  • Mergers, joint ventures and structures to facilitate collaborative working between not-for-profit organisations
  • Recommending the most suitable and workable legal structure for every charity or not-for-profit organisation, appropriate to its size and purpose
  • Reviewing, updating and amending constitutions
  • The restructure and reorganisation of charities and groups of charities
  • The strategic management and administration of charities and not-for-profit organisations including the relationship between, and respective responsibilities of, the trustee board and management team
  • Winding up and dissolving charities and not-for-profit organisations