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Milestone as HS2 Bill reaches Parliament – What’s in the Bill?

News and ViewsPublicationsMilestone as HS2 Bill reaches Parliament – What’s in the Bill?
Milestone as HS2 Bill reaches Parliament – What’s in the Bill?

This article was originally published in the December issue of Transport Times.

The Bill is 417 pages long, 386 of which are schedules to the main provisions. It is made up of 65 clauses and 31 schedules. It is made up 65 clauses and 31 schedules.

The main provisions of the bill are grouped together as follows:

  • Works, which includes the authorisation of the works necessary for HS2 Phase One and all ancillary works
  • Compulsory acquisition of land includes powers to acquire land as necessary for the authorised works to be carried out. The powers extend as far north as Manchester
  • Extinction and exclusion of rights over land includes standard provisions about the extinction of private and other rights over land
  • Temporary possession and use of land includes powers to take temporary possession of specified land for the construction of temporary worksites and the like
  • Planning deems planning permission to be granted for hte works for HS2 phase one
  • Deregulation disapplies the powers contained in most other regulatory regimes, including controls relating to listed building controls, ancient monuments, burial grounds, consecrated land and so on
  • Nominated undertaker and other phase one function holders includes a power for the Secretary of State to specify a “nominated undertaker” to carry out some or all of the works authorised by the Bill – this could be HS2 Ltd
  • Regeneration and reinstatement includes a power to compulsorily purchase any land if the Secretary of State considers that the construction or operation of phase one of HS2 gives rise to the opportunity for regeneration or development of the land – in the vicinity of a station, for example
  • Further high speed rail works makes provision enabling future high speed project. It includes a power for the Scottish ministers to make orders about high speed rail in Scotland. This would allow the realignment of some bends and the lengthening of platforms on the existing rail network to enable high speed trains to use them

06 Jan 2014