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Dispute sparked after father begins a relationship with grandchildren’s nanny

A dispute between Paul David and his daughter, Audra Wamsteker, is currently being heard at the Central London County Court. The press reported that the two had a close bond until Miss Wamsteker discovered that her father had begun a relationship with the nanny of her two children. Mr David later married the nanny and they now have two children of their own.

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30 Apr 2018
Tax advantages from marriage?

A reader of the Financial Times asks what tax advantages there are from being married to their partner who they have lived with for 25 years. Matthew Braithwaite, partner in our private wealth team, discusses the implications of marriage on inheritance tax and wills. The full article is available in Financial Times.

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4 Apr 2018
79: Non-residents disposing of UK property – 10 things you need to know (Part 2)

This is our second blog post in which we highlight ten key points arising from the Government’s proposal to impose a UK tax charge on all non-residents disposing of both UK residential property and commercial property. You can read our previous blog which covers the first five points here.

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8 Mar 2018
BDB hosts reception at Downing College for the Cambridge business community

Bircham Dyson Bell, hosted a drinks reception for approximately 100 guests from the Cambridge business community at Downing College. This was an opportunity to welcome local clients and contacts from across all of its practice areas, ranging from corporate and commercial, real estate, private wealth, planning and infrastructure to intellectual property and employment.

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5 Mar 2018
78: Non-residents disposing of UK property – 10 things you need to know (part 1)

On 23 November last year the Government published a consultation document in relation to its proposal to impose a UK tax charge on all non-residents disposing immovable property (ie UK land and buildings). In this blog and the next we will be summarising ten key points in relation to this proposal.

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28 Feb 2018
My London property is owned by an offshore company; are my details in the public domain?

Not yet but soon they will be. For a number of years the Government has mooted the idea of creating a public register of beneficial ownership of UK residential property, but the exact timetable as to when this register is to come into force has never been clear until very recently.

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16 Feb 2018
For love(child) or money: Claims under the Inheritance Act

A mistress or lovechild always makes a good headline and, occasionally, can make for an interesting legal battle. A case currently in the High Court concerning the estate of a wealthy deceased husband, his widow, his mistress and their lovechild has been making headlines. It raises questions about whether a child who is the product of an affair can bring a claim against the deceased parent’s estate.

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14 Feb 2018
Guernsey Evening Seminar and Drinks Reception on ‘The endless labyrinth: coping with UK regulatory and tax change’

The Private Wealth Group of Bircham Dyson Bell are pleased to invite you to a seminar and evening reception at The Old Government Hotel in Guernsey.

Our speakers will be considering how practitioners in Offshore Financial Centres are affected by the changing UK tax and regulatory environment. Our topics will include:-

• A regulated world – action points before 1 October 2018
• Inheritance tax and offshore trusts – pitfalls to be navigated
• Trusts, real estate and loans to beneficiaries – a changing landscape
• Immigration – with Brexit now a firm reality.

Chairing the discussion will be Helen Ratcliffe and the panel of speakers will include:

• Matthew Braithwaite – Partner, Private Wealth
• Alastair Collett – Partner, Private Wealth
• Lara Mardell – Senior Associate, Private Wealth
• Judith Millar – Partner, Private Wealth
• Elizabeth Neale – Partner, Private Wealth

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7 Feb 2018