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27 June 2018

Challenging wills – what options are available?

A reader’s question in the Financial Times concerns inheritance and the options available when it comes to challenging a will. The reader’s father passed away leaving a fortune of over £2 million which was expected to be shared between them and their two siblings. However, it was later discovered that their father had drawn up a new will six months before his death and half of his fortune was left to his companion who looked after him while he was ill. The reader believes that their father was not capable of rewriting his will of his own accord at the time.

Our partner Geoffrey Kertesz discusses a range of options that individuals in this situation can consider, which include entering a ‘caveat’ which prevents the executor from administering the estate, assessing whether their father had ‘testamentary capacity’ and considering an ‘undue influence’ claim.

The full article is available in the Financial Times.

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