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13 July 2017

HS2: What should you do?

Whatever your opinion of it, HS2 is happening. For Phase 1 (London to Birmingham), the die is cast. Parliament has authorised it. The works have begun.

For Phase 2a (north of Birmingham to Crewe), the likely route alignment has been set. A Bill to approve it is beginning its course in Parliament.

Are you affected by it? If so, what should you do? Possibly nothing. Possibly something. Everyone’s situation is different. We can help you decide. We have helped to improve the lot of many individuals and organisations affected by HS2. See our case studies.

You are welcome to consult us on your possible options, without commitment on either side. The best way is for you to email us with details of your situation. We will try to reply with an early and realistic evaluation of your case. If you wish to do this, contact any of our Parliamentary Agents, Ian McCulloch, Nicholas Brown, Nicholas Evans or David Mundy. Alternatively, contact our senior Parliamentary Clerk, Pam Thompson, or our Head of Public Affairs, Stuart Thomson.

If you are directly affected, eg if HS2 intends to take all or some of your property, you could have several options ranging from just taking the compensation to fighting to save your home or business.

If your property is blighted, you may want HS2 to buy it from you now in order to avoid a long period of uncertainty.

If you are indirectly affected, eg by the intrusion or disruption of nearby works, you can try to get the impact reduced.

There is usually a variety of potential solutions, depending on your circumstances, particularly if you don’t leave it too late.

We have expertise in compensation, compulsory purchase, land agreements and Parliamentary procedure and practice. We have negotiated many agreements with HS2 for property owners and businesses. Our approach is to:

  • analyse how you are affected;
  • work out possible solutions depending on your circumstances; and
  • negotiate for an acceptable outcome.

Our specialist public affairs and communications team can also advise you on any political or media engagement that may be required to help with your case.

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