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Employment Breakfast Briefing: Employees behaving

EventsEmployment Breakfast Briefing: Employees behaving

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12 Feb 2015

08:00 - 10:00

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Bircham Dyson Bell 50 Broadway London SW1H 0BL

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Every employer’s dream must surely be good, motivated staff who always behave themselves. Life is, however, unfortunately not like that. Inevitably, some employees will behave badly and employers will need to respond appropriately to avoid the risks of an unfair dismissal claim.

Particular issues which will be covered include:

  • Is suspension always justified where gross misconduct is suspected?
  • What level of investigation must an employer carry out into suspected misconduct?
  • Can an employee claim that they did not know that certain behaviour was prohibited because they had not read the relevant policy?
  • What rights does an employee have at a disciplinary hearing?
  • How bad must behaviour be before you can call it gross misconduct?
  • Do you have to consider mitigating factors when a finding of gross misconduct is made?
  • When can an employee challenge an earlier disciplinary warning when facing dismissal?
  • How does the “double jeopardy rule” apply in an employment situation?
  • Can an employer dismiss an employee where it finds out the employee has an historic criminal record?
  • Do you need to involve the police in potential criminal offences in the workplace?