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Employment Breakfast Briefing – Discrimination in the workplace

EventsEmployment Breakfast Briefing – Discrimination in the workplace

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13 Jul 2017

8.00am - 10.00am

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50 Broadway

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Discrimination claims are ‎a real danger for employers as they are easy to allege and don’t require any particular length of continuous service to bring. Whether relating to sex, race, disability, age, marital status, gender assignment, one of the other protected characteristics  or whistleblowing, employers need to get into position to second guess claims rather than to react only once the allegation has arrived.

We are delighted to invite you to our next breakfast briefing when we will be discussing the practical steps that employers can take to avoid discrimination complaints and to put themselves in the best possible position to defend any subsequent claims. We will be looking at issues such as:

  • Who is the correct comparator in a claim for direct discrimination?
  • What amounts to less favourable treatment?
  • What defences can be run against a claim for direct discrimination?
  • What is a provision, criterion or practice (PCP) in the context of a claim for ‎indirect discrimination?
  • When and how can a P‎CP be justified?
  • What is unconscious bias and how dangerous is it?
  • How important is training for managers and leaders in the business?
  • What liability do you have for acts of discrimination occurring outside the work place?

We look forward to welcoming you and discussing your views and experiences in relation to this topic.