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Dispute sparked after father begins a relationship with grandchildren’s nanny

News and ViewsNewsDispute sparked after father begins a relationship with grandchildren’s nanny
Geoffrey Kertesz

Geoffrey Kertesz


Lavinia Randall

Lavinia Randall


A dispute between Paul David and his daughter, Audra Wamsteker, is currently being heard at the Central London County Court. The press reported that the two had a close bond until Miss Wamsteker discovered that her father had begun a relationship with the nanny of her two children. Mr David later married the nanny and they now have two children of their own.

The dispute which concerns the rights to an international property portfolio is an example of a case that involves a high level of emotional tension. Mr David is arguing that his financial contributions to the deposits and the mortgages for the properties created a resulting trust in his favour, however, Miss Wamsteker argues that the contributions were in fact a gift.

How does the Court decide a dispute where the parties may have had a ‘family understanding’, but did not formalise their agreement? Primary documents such as bank records will be considered. Our partner, Geoffrey Kertesz, and solicitor Lavinia Randall, discusses in eprivateclient. The full article is available to subscribers here.

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