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David Mundy live with Share Radio and LBC following the Supreme Court judgement

News and ViewsNewsDavid Mundy live with Share Radio and LBC following the Supreme Court judgement
David Mundy

David Mundy


Supreme Court upholds High Court’s ruling that Article 50 has to be triggered by an Act of Parliament

The government will now need to introduce a Bill to Parliament, although its precise form is not yet known. David Davis is due to make a statement today which may clarify the form of the Bill now required to pass through Parliament to authorise the government to proceed. It remains to be seen whether the political parties will try to make the government’s life difficult in getting the Bill through Parliament and whether there are any political concessions which the government will be obliged to make.

A majority of MPs have indicated that the decision of the British people through the Referendum must be respected and Commons are unlikely to seek to derail any Bill. The House of Lords have indicated likewise through the Lord Speaker that they too will not sabotage Brexit. So talk of a need for a bullet proof Bill (even though such a thing is practically impossible to achieve) has been overstated.

The court also decided unanimously that the Westminster Parliament was not required to seek the consent of the devolved legislatures of Scotland, Wales and NI before triggering the Article 50 exit process. This will frustrate the Scottish government who might have used the requirement for consent to extract concessions from Westminster. But whether it will lead to further court cases remains to be seen.

LBC interview, 24 January 2017:

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