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A training contract with BDB will bring all the excitement, variety and hands-on experience you could wish for.

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Sarah Clark


As the firm’s Training Principal, I’d like to say a few words about why I think you should read on and find out more about the training opportunities we have to offer.

Here at BDB we don’t look for one particular type of trainee. We believe individual differences bring great strengths to our firm. There are, however, some traits our trainees all have in common. They are enthusiastic, supportive, can search for (and find) innovative solutions to problems, and demonstrate a real passion for learning. They are also people that we and our clients enjoy working with.

But why should you choose BDB? Each year, we offer a small intake of trainees a truly supportive and friendly environment to train in. You are not only supported by your trainee supervisor and me but also from the people you work with closely, including our Partners.

Our trainees are respected and valued members of the team who make a real contribution to the work we do for our clients. Speaking of clients, should you train with us you will also have the opportunity to learn about, and gain experience of, the broad range of interesting and high profile work that we do.

On completion of their training we know that our trainees are fully equipped to become great Solicitors. Not only are our trainees given the technical and legal skills required to be a Solicitor, they will also have had the opportunity to develop skills in other important areas Solicitors need, such as time management, organisation, team work, communication and building client relationships.

We also recognise that the journey doesn’t stop when you become a Solicitor, so for those trainees who qualify with us, and we hope they all do, the firm continues to provide training and support as you progress through your career.

It’s been a while since I was seeking a training contract. Yet I clearly remember the abundance of information out there about the legal market and the different opportunities available. It’s important to consider the type of environment you feel will help you thrive and the nature of the work that will inspire you. Our future trainees can be assured of a supportive and inclusive environment where they will be given the chance to work on important and complex legal matters. If that sounds like the type of training you are seeking, please read on and learn more about life at BDB!

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We aim to give you the opportunity to realise your potential, working with some of the most talented lawyers in the profession.

We’ve built a culture that encourages talent to flourish and an environment where people enjoy working.

Training with BDB will bring you real responsibility right from the start, combined with the right level of support to ensure you never feel overwhelmed.

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