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A training contract with BDB will bring all the excitement, variety and hands-on experience you could wish for.

Under expert supervision from some of the UK’s most talented lawyers, you’ll be handling cases and dealing with clients right from the start of your career – shaping your future along with ours.

During your training you will experience life in four different practice departments, spending six months’ in each. This will give you plenty of time to decide what area of law you want to specialise in. Your early career at BDB will ensure you have the knowledge to move your career forward in the right direction.

While you will learn and experience lots during your training we also understand that your time at BDB isn’t all about work! Your fellow trainees are a big support during your training, as we take five people each year you will really get a chance to know each other and form close friendships with those you train with. Each year our trainees organise a social and networking event with those they have met during the PSC course from Boodle Hatfield and Forsters.

There are also a number of activities organised each year by our social committee, and trainees are welcome to join the group. In addition to the Christmas party there is the annual rowing regatta and various other parties and events such as quizzes and tennis matches. Departments also organise their own and cross departmental events.

BDB has a CSR calendar of events and everyone, including trainees, are welcome to take part in any of these actives. If there is a charity event that you are passionate about you can also use your CSR day to work with them outside of the firms activities. The scavenger hunts run in partnership with one of our clients have also been an entertaining way to raise funds for our employee nominated charities (seeing your Senior Partner in fancy dress is also a great icebreaker!). Have a look at our Corporate Social Responsibility page to find out more about the work we do.



Our trainee brochure also provides full information about the trainee experience at BDB.


“The partners are approachable and they really make you feel like you are part of the firm.” Mustafa Latif-Aramesh, 1st year trainee at BDB