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84: More Changes to HS2 – Additional Provision 2

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84: More Changes to HS2 – Additional Provision 2
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By Ian McCulloch

The Government has announced a further set of changes to the HS2 Bill. You may want to check that you are not adversely affected by any of them.

The changes are called ‘AP2’ (or ‘Additional Provision 2’). This is Parliamentary jargon. The key point is that AP2 contains changes that go beyond the existing powers and limits described in the Bill. They are the second package of changes since the Bill was introduced in November 2013. (AP1 was introduced in September 2014).

If you are directly affected, for example if land not previously being taken is now being taken, you should have been notified. If you are only indirectly affected, for example if the changes are altering the impacts of construction near you, you will not have received a personal notification.

The changes reflect discussions with landowners and other stakeholders, design refinements and updated environmental information. You may welcome them, if they include a change that HS2 has agreed to make for you. They may fall short of your expectations. You may have been hoping for an AP to address your concerns and find that it is not included. We can help you work out the effect of the changes, if you wish.

You can oppose any of the changes by petitioning against them in the proper form by no later than 2pm on Friday 14 August 2015. Although this falls in the middle of the school holiday period and the Parliamentary recess, there is no tolerance to this deadline.

Petitioning gives you the foothold to negotiate with HS2. In practice, HS2 understandably prioritises their attention on those who have petitioned. You should consider petitioning if you think a change is unnecessarily detrimental or there is a better solution for you than any compensation to which you may be entitled.

The AP2 changes have also been environmentally assessed. The Government is now consulting on this and other updates to the original environmental statement. This is a separate process. Unlike petitioning, it does not give you any right to be heard by the select committee on the Bill. The deadline for comments is 23:59 on Friday 28 August 2015.

28 July 2015

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