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6: No-fault divorce – is it that simple?

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Resolution has launched its campaign for 2015 and one of its key messages is to promote no-fault divorce. Having practised in Australia for many years under a no-fault based divorce system, I can vouch for its effectiveness. It does work very well and its introduction to English Law would, in...

3: End of the line for civil partnerships?

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On 10 December 2014 a historic change will take place to enable civil partners to convert their civil partnership into a marriage. According to official figures, by the end of 2012 more than 60,000 couples had registered a civil partnership, which has given same sex couples legal recognition of their...

2: What is Collaborative Law?

By John Darnton

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Mediation is often presented as a ‘Cure All’ for family disputes. There is no doubt that mediation is a great process for some people, but it does not work for everybody.