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1: National Family Dispute Resolution Week – What is Mediation?

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1: National Family Dispute Resolution Week – What is Mediation?
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By Lisa Bolgar Smith

During Resolution’s third ‘Family Dispute Resolution Week‘, we highlight mediation as an alternative to Court proceedings for couples looking to divorce or separate whilst minimising the disruption to their families.

A relationship breakdown is an emotional period for any family. Mediation has been identified by many as one way of resolving family disputes amicably, and one which can be considerably less stressful and less costly than a litigious approach.

When facing these difficult times, experienced mediators aim to help both the parents and their children enabling the whole family to be supported. It is often the case that couples who resolve their dispute through mediation and by agreement, have a better chance of being able to co-parent in a way which minimises the fall out on the children. Therefore, whilst the marriage may be over the family continues, and an amicable resolution gives any child involved the best chance of developing a happy stable life.

Not only that, but for the couple involved, mediation also reduces the stress and pain of divorce, both in the short and long term, by allowing the couple mutually to discuss and agree on their children’s arrangements, finances and other assets to ensure they are both well cared for and protected.

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During ‘National Family Dispute Resolution Week‘ from 24th to 28th November 2014 BDB’s Lisa Bolgar Smith, an experienced Mediator who is also qualified in Direct Consultation with Children, is offering a FREE 30 minute consultation – in person or on the telephone – to explain the benefits of mediation.

26 November 2014

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