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As part of our commitment to keeping our clients and contacts abreast of the latest developments in the law, we regularly produce legal briefings, newsletters, articles and brochures on a broad range of legal topics and commercial issues.

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Assembly – Summer 2015

Welcome to our summer term edition of Assembly, the newsletter highlighting and discussing current legal issues for independent schools.

21 May 2015

Education in the news – Summer 2015

Trading subsidiary constitutions – A recent decision in the First-tier Tribunal (Tax) highlights the requirement for the constitutions of charitable schools’ trading subsidiaries to prohibit distribution of profits in order to be eligible for the VAT sporting exemption. The Tribunal... Read more

21 May 2015

Child minding: children’s mental health and wellbeing

Earlier this month, the Mental Health Foundation ran its Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) campaign for the fifteenth year running. Through MHAW, the Foundation aims to raise awareness and generate public debate around mental health and wellbeing issues, focusing each... Read more

21 May 2015

Dealing with abuse claims about existing staff

Recent headlines about historic abuse claims in independent schools are a stark reminder of the need to be aware of and ready to deal with abuse claims made against current staff should they occur.

21 May 2015

Are you green when it comes to managing your property assets?

Sit in on any governing body meeting in almost any independent school in the land and at some point you will hear discussion about the requirement to improve the school’s facilities.  This might mean developing a new sports hall, covering... Read more

21 May 2015

The post-election challenges

The unexpected but comprehensive victory for the Conservative Party at the General Election means that independent schools may consider they are protected, however, not featuring in the Conservative’s manifesto does not make the sector immune from interference or future policy... Read more

21 May 2015

A monster of its own making

Provisional assessment of costs should have been one of the quick wins from the Jackson reforms.  Unfortunately it does not seem to have turned out that way.  But the concept remains sound and, if the teething issues are resolved, there... Read more

12 May 2015

Individual Matters Newsletter Spring 2015

Welcome to the latest issue of Individual Matters which we hope you will find interesting.

11 May 2015